Where did I put my focus???

Staying focused has always been a challenge of mine.

(Note to self: that could be one of the reasons why you have some sliiiight problems with posting stuff on this blog on a regular basis…just a wild guess)

Okay. Okay. Okay. The thing is; I tend to want to be somewhere else. Always. When I’m in the middle of reading a book, I suddenly feel like writing a letter. As I’m writing the letter, I feel like cooking something. And as the kitchen is all messed up, I get an idea for a picture that I have to take. Right away.

It’s like my head is not capable of being in one place.

This can be frustrating. Everyone knows how good it feels to finish things. To write the last line of an article you’ve been struggling with for days. To paint the wall you’ve been planning to paint for two years. Finishing something releases this great energy – and it makes you feel like anything is possible! But when your focus shifts every five minutes, it’s really hard to get to that place…

So. I’ve decided to do the grown up thing. No more putting my fingers in my ears singing lalalalalalala. No more saying that this is who I am, and I just can’t do anything about it. I’m looking for long-term solutions! For some time now, I’ve been experimenting with different strategies for finding my long lost focus. And believe it or not, I’ve actually found a few things that works:

1) Hour by hour scheduling.

I might not be inventing the wheel here, but I’ve found that making a good old time table helps me stick to one activity at the time. Every morning I try to make a list of stuff that I want to get done during the day, and I decide how long I want to work on the different tasks (and in which order). This way, I don’t have to (ehm…get to) answer my email as I’m writing a blogpost or solve world problems during lunch. Very liberating – and effective! I usually  do each activity for an hour, and I put in plenty of breaks. (And here are some breaking news: it’s highly necessary, I would say ESSENTIAL, to sneak fun stuff in between the not so fun parts!)

2) Meditating

I’ve been writing about this before, but it can’t be said too often. I consider meditation to be my (not so) secret superhero weapon in my fight against the evil armies of King Chaos and Queen Doubt. Meditation is just a metaphor for living. As I get better at sitting still without reacting to my thoughts and emotions, I also get better at keeping my focus in all other areas of life.

4) Routines

Ah, it sounds so boring! Like some creepy animal sneaking up from behind and attacking my freedom. But I’m slowly starting to realize that some routines are actually very helpful if I want to get things done. Why? Because they help me cut down on the ridiculous amount of time I spend on arguing with myself. If I know that I will be working out every Tuesday and Friday, I don’t have to spend my precious energy trying to convince myself that it is better to do it tomorrow. And if I know that I’m getting up at 8, I don’t have to have that exhausting fight with my alarm clock every single day. Routines for President! (as long as there is still enough time to play…)

3) Carrots:

No work without a reward! This is simple children pedagogy,  I know, rabbits and carrots, but hey, it’s been working for thousands of years! Chocolate. Fresh air. Sex. Reading a book. Watching an episode of Seinfeld. Knowing that something good is waiting for me in the horizon will always makes me work a little bit harder – and faster! And I suspect I’m not the only one who’s brain is functioning like this. (Oh, Homo Sapiens you are such a predictable species…) More carrots, please!

That’s it for now.

100 grown up points for me!

(and probably about a thousand hypocrite points if I don’t get better at updating this blog…)

Please let me know if you have any good advice on how to keep my head in place.

  1. Rikke said:

    Great post! I am trying to do this my self. One of my new years resuslutions for this year ‘was being more focused’. The time table works fantastic. And also I’ve found out that having noe long term goal is also good idea for staying focused. For instance I’ve decided to learn how to play the guitar and I want to learn at least one song before I turn 30. This means I have to practice every day. And while I’m practicing I’m leaving everything else out.

    …oooh and I definitely have to start meditating… Starting to tonight!


  2. Rikke said:

    ‘one’ long term that is…

  3. Ingvild said:

    I think this is a common problem for many. I know there are some out there who actually know how to organize their day. I have started to read this web page from a lady that calls here self the “Flylady”. Her way of getting organized is living by the you can do anything in 15 minutes, and learn to love yourself. Basically meaning its okay if you dont finish everything right now. Just do a little and you will be surprised at the difference it makes to your life. Though I am not brainwashed by this lady and they are very American. It is still the fact that being able to break down a task makes it easier to start as most of the time we think its much bigger than it really is. Like cleaning up the kitchen you think it takes 2 hours while in reality it takes 30 minutes.

    It is also the whole do it now mentality. Doing things now instead of tomorrow. Doing things now means you get more time for fun afterwards because you don’t go around in “I have to do this now”-mode for ages. Also stop criticizing yourself for what you don’t do and focus on the things you actually manage to accomplish.

    The only person who stops you from doing things is yourselves.

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